• "Is it worth it...In under six months I have gone from 24% body fat to 16%, from a 36" waist to a 32" waist - best of all I can honestly say I enjoy my workouts and all this without any running! "

    James Hobson (36)

  • "Antony is a superb Personal Trainer. His knowledge is exceptional, within my first few weeks of training with Antony he exceeded my expectations. I’ve continued training with him and six months later the results continue to be amazing. Be prepared to commit and follow his advice and you will quickly achieve results and continue to improve. Each Personal Training session is extremely enjoyable, adjusted and individually tailored. Very quickly with his coaching and training my body fat lowered, increased muscle size, rectified my ongoing back and posture issues (no longer suffer from back pain). His nutritional advice cured my indigestion, after many years I no longer have any discomfort. Always focussing on your objective(s) will encourage, educate and help you, as I stated above he is a superb Personal Trainer and I have no hesitation in recommending Antony."

    Neil Willows 48

  • "I started to train with Elite (Chris Main) in January 2011. My reasons for starting to train were to lose weight and get fit and hopefully to see if there was any way in which it could help with an on-ongoing illness that I had had for eight years. In February 2003 I started to suffer with severe depression and anxiety and have tried several things to help alleviate my symptoms over the years. These have included reflexology, reiki and acupuncture to mention but a few. I had always been told that exercise was good for depression but in the past it hasn’t seemed to help mainly because I had tried to do it by myself which I found difficult from a motivation point of view and not really knowing what I was doing. This all changed in January 2011 when I met with Chris Main from Elite Performance. Chris helped me to develop a programme that suited my ability level, which at the beginning was pretty low, and slowly helped increase my ability to train properly. Basically he took me from training once a week, which was a struggle, to four times a week and I am now looking forward to doing five sessions in the gym a week. Training with Chris is like training with one of your mates. He makes the sessions really enjoyable and fun but also makes sure that he pushes me as well. The support I get from Chris and Elite is first class. I have changed the way I eat for the better and I now understand so much more about nutrition and the benefits of following a healthy eating plan. We have regular reviews to make sure I am getting what I want from the training and also for Chris to give me feedback on my progress. I remember at one such session Chris asking me had he achieved my expectations to which I replied “No, you have exceeded them”. I am pleased to say that since starting to train with Chris and Elite I have gone into remission from my illness and my Doctor is talking about taking me off my medication because of the progress I have made. Having a personal trainer is not a “nice to have” for me but an essential part of my life. I can honestly say that I love training since joining Elite, so much so that I am going to do the BUPA 10K run for charity this year. “Quite simply put: Elite and Chris Main have changed my life” "

    John Cunliffe

  • "Before I had my baby I regularly attended the gym and participated in fitness classes, so after she was born I was able to lose most of the baby weight. However, I wasn’t as toned as I would have liked and I still had the ‘baby pouch’ as I called it. I just assumed that would be there for good, because ‘that’s what happens after you’d had a baby’. I tried to go back to the gym and attended classes when I could, but due to the typical excuses of time, childcare and lack of motivation, I struggled to attend regularly. Then I met Chris from Elite Performance. He talked to me about my goals, fitness levels, lifestyle, diet, an eating plan and he told me he could help me get a flat stomach again. I was sceptical but he appeared to know his stuff so I gave it a go. Chris trained me for 4 weeks and even within such a short timescale the results were amazing! And when I say results I don’t just mean how I look… I am now really motivated and love going to the gym again. I have learnt so much about how muscles work and the type of exercises that will get results for my body shape. I now don’t have to spend hours in the gym at a time; I can adapt a work out for the time I have; be it an hour or even half an hour. He also advised me about supplements to take to help with my busy lifestyle, which have helped my hair, skin & energy levels. He has helped me change my eating habits so I eat healthier and have lost body fat. And finally, he pushed me further than I thought was possible and I’m happy to say, I no longer have the ‘baby pouch’! I can’t recommend Chris and the Elite team enough! They are a great team and much more than ‘a personal trainer’. They listen to your needs and help you reach your goals and make you feel comfortable while doing it. I feel great, love how I look, and the amount of comments I have had from friends, family and colleagues is unbelievable! I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) have done it without them. "

    Kirsty Collin

  • "My name is Sharon Robinson and I am 47 years old. I started training with Antony Brown in June 2010 when I was 45 years of age having never trained before. I had the additional disadvantage of a severe injury requiring reconstructive surgery to my left leg which left me unable to fully weight bear for a period of 6 years. At the time I met Antony I walked with a slight limp and the right hand side of my body was taking the majority of my body weight resulting in considerable muscle deteariation and restricted movement to my ankle, knee and hip joints on my left side. Additionally I had a very poor diet due to my addiction to refined sugary foods which was causing low energy levels, low immune system and causing me to be ill on a regular basis. 2 ½ years on I can do weighted walking lunges, and can even do weighted back swots, weighted pull ups and can bench press 40kgs. I also now follow a paleo diet resulting in a huge sense of wellbeing and fantastic energy levels aiding my training and new lifestyle. I am not only fitter, stronger and leaner than I have ever been; I have the use back of a leg that I thought the rest of my body would have to carry for the remainder of my life. I cannot recommend Elite Performance Fitness enough, and without doubt look forward to training every week and getting results."

    Sharon Robinson