Personal Training for Women

A personal trainer for females is very important and there are a number of reasons why females will without doubt benefit greatly be using an Elite Performance Fitness personal trainer. Females naturally have a more sporadic hormonal pattern compared to males and thus will have to manage their nutritional and exercise regime slightly more to attain those amazing results. An example of this would be the female prominent hormone oestrogen which plays a huge part in female’s ability to lose fat especially around those problem areas the hips and thighs. With an Elite Performance Fitness personal trainer we are able to reduce the impact of these hormonal fluctuations through diet, supplementation and exercise to help you get those RAPID results you have always wanted.

Personal Training
1 personal training session £45
10 sessions £350
20 sessions £600

Personal Training Monthly Payment Plan (minimum of 6 month contract)
4 PT per month £160
8 PT per Month £280
12 PT per month 360
Group Personal Training Bought in packs of 5
2 people £40 PER SESSION (£200 for 5 sessions)
3 people £50 PER SESSION (£250 for 5 sessions)

Bio signature Modulation
1 hr full assessment £99 (Various offers may apply with trainers who provide this service)
Sport Massage Therapy
1 hr £30