Personal Fitness Stories

  • Joey Cavanagh

    Joey came to us 12 weeks ago a little lost and confused with what to do in the gym. He had been going to a local commercial gym for the past 2 years with no real results. With a lot of hard work and dedication Joey has achieved some amazing results! With a combination...
  • Joanna Harrison

    Joanna Harrison came to us a year ago to get in shape and feel great. She had previously tried other calorie restricitng methods such as weight watchers and sliming world with no success. Jo is now over 30kg lighter and lost over 50cm around her waist!..... Amazing!
  • Jimmy Widle

    Jimmy Wilde Came to Elite Performance with a request to get in shape and drop body fat and this is what we have achieved in 8 weeks dropping 20lbs & 10% body fat.
  • Before After

    Maxine Thornhill

    Maxine came to Elite just before Xmas and her transformation has been amazing! she has lost over 30 inchs and nearly 3 stone in 4 months. Maxines confidence has grown amazingly and its fantastic to see a much more confident lady entering the building! Well Done...
  • Before After

    Adam Cooper

    Adam Cooper is one of our Peak Gym members. After an inactive second half of the year and a busy Xmas Schedule Adam came to us and said he wanted to hit January hard and drop body fat quick. Adam completely smashed january and February and transformed in 8 weeks with a...
  • Gemma Luty

    Gemma has made fantastic gains at Elite Since working with our trainer Matt Percy dropping a huge 4 dress sizes! Well Done Gemma!
  • Mark Campion

    Mark Campion started his 16 week transformation packing on some great muscle & dropping body fat. For his size his was severley under eating so once we got him on a consistant eating, supplement & exercise regimes he reaped the rewards! Well Done Mark!
  • Kayleigh Chapman

    Kayleigh came to see Dave Holt one of our trainers before her wedding and her transformation was amazing! she looked stunning on her wedding day! Fantastic Transformation! Well Done!
  • Sally Oshea

    Sally started at Elite Performance 18 months ago and her transformation has been huge!! She has dropped 4 dress sizes and looks Amazing!! Well Done Sal!!
  • Belinda Hughes

    Belinda Dropped 4 dress sizes in 6 months while training only once a week.
  • Lee Everett

    Lee had a great 12 week transformation dropping 4st and 20% body fat! Well Done Lee
  • Alan Collantine

    Alan Lost an amazing 8 inches from his stomach in just 8 weeks.
  • Chris Jackson

    Chris Dropped 8% body fat while putting on 4 lbs of lean muscle before his trip to Las Vegas.
  • Debs Allen

    Debs dropped 6 inches from her mid section, 7 lbs in weight and 9% body fat 12 weeks.
  • Fiona Diaz

    Fiona dropped 3 dress sizes & 2.5 stone in 13 weeks.

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